Wenzl Medlin

Wenzl Medlin, the "Weiss Beer Brewer", came to America in 1866, and from that year until 1870 worked in the Downer & Bemis and Schoenhofen Breweries of Chicago. He then entered the malting business, and patented a dumping kiln, which had been invented by his father-in-law, Joseph Gecmen. This is said to have been the origin of the Toepfer Dumping Kilns. Subsequently Mr. Medlin followed his trade as a brewer in various cities, being employed by such firms as the Best Brewing Company, of Milwaukee; Charles Gerber, of Buffalo, and the Marion Brewery, of Jersey City, New Jersey. In 1881 he rented the Jacob Scheu Malt-House and two other similar plants in Buffalo, malting on commission for Gerhard Lang.

Mr. Medlin located at Cleveland in 1886, founding the Wenzl Medlin Bohemian Brewery, which he sold to the Bohemian Brewing Company in 1889. In 1893 he established the Medlin Pilsener Brewing Company, later known as the Pilsener Brewing Company. He sold his interest in this company in 1899, and started his last business under the name of the "Wenzl Medlin Weiss Beer Brewery". (From 100 Years of Brewing, P. 484)